Mar 15, 2024 | News

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Advice for Girls Pursuing Construction

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally in March, and to honor Women’s History Month, we asked some of the exceptional women at Asa Carlton about the advice they would give to young girls today. Their powerful words reflect important principles that empower individuals to thrive, be authentic, and overcome challenges. Each quote from our team members provides valuable insights for us to explore.

“Keep your head up. Keep pursuing your dreams.” – Sydney Vaughn, Bid Supervisor

Sydney’s advice emphasizes the importance of resilience and perseverance. By uplifting one’s spirit and relentlessly pursuing dreams, young girls can navigate obstacles and achieve astounding success within the construction industry. Remaining focused and determined is the key to fulfilling personal aspirations.

“Always look for the positive in every situation.” – Sandi Dodson, Project Administrator

Sandi encourages young girls to adopt a positive mindset, even in the face of adversity. This principle teaches the value of resilience and the ability to find opportunities for growth and self-improvement in every circumstance. By focusing on the positive, they can navigate challenges with grace and inspire future generations of strong women in the field.

“Don’t try to change to be something else for someone else. Be YOU!” – Shelby Queen, HR Generalist

Shelby’s advice centers around the significance of authenticity. It emphasizes that young girls should never feel pressured to conform to societal expectations or change their true selves to fit someone else’s mold. By being true to themselves, young girls can blaze a trail, challenge stereotypes, and bring unique perspectives and positive change to a traditionally male-dominated industry.

“Your worth is not based on the projections of others. Be genuinely and unapologetically yourself.” – Tamara R., Project Manager

Tamara highlights the importance of self-worth and self-acceptance. It reminds young girls that their value does not hinge on the opinions or judgments of others. By embracing their uniqueness and being unapologetic about who they are, they can focus their momentum forward, choose to thrive, and contribute to the construction industry with confidence.

“Don’t ever sell yourself short. Know your worth, and know that you can do anything!” – Dr. Vonetta Thompson, Director of Human Resources

Dr. Vonetta emphasizes the significance of self-belief and recognizing one’s capabilities. Young girls should never underestimate their potential or settle for less than they deserve. By having confidence in their abilities and recognizing their worth, they can pursue any dream and achieve remarkable success.

“The greatest joys and fulfillment in your life may come from the smallest and most simple things.” – Katie Brown, Project Admin

Katie’s advice encourages young girls to find happiness and fulfillment in everyday moments. It emphasizes that joy is not solely derived from grand achievements but also from appreciating the smaller things in life. Cultivating gratitude and cherishing life’s simple pleasures can lead to a deep sense of contentment.

“Show up and work hard. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities.” – Katey Garner, Office Manager

Katey’s advice revolves around dedication and self-assurance. Young girls should be encouraged to show up, put in their best effort, and believe in their capabilities. By consistently working hard and believing in themselves, they can accomplish great things and forge a path of personal and professional success.

Building Strong

The valuable advice offered by the exceptional women at Asa Carlton reflects our commitment to empowering individuals and building strong relationships.

As a construction company, we understand that fostering connections with our clients is crucial. By having such remarkable, go-getting individuals on our team who embody both personality and professionalism, we can forge strong bonds and deliver exceptional results. We recognize that diversity is the foundation for strong teams, strong buildings, and, most importantly, strong futures.

At Asa Carlton, we are proud to support our employees and promote a culture that embraces the unique strengths and perspectives of every individual. Together, we build not only remarkable structures but also a thriving community that values and uplifts everyone.

Build Your Future with Asa Carlton

At Asa Carlton, we are dedicated to not only empowering women within the construction industry but also supporting the future of the field. That’s why we are thrilled to share that we will be offering a scholarship this year to high school seniors interested in pursuing a career in construction. This scholarship is a testament to our commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting diversity within the industry.

Applications for the scholarship will be open until April 1st, 2024. Click here to learn more.