Feb 12, 2024 | News

Asa Carlton’s Director of Human Resources, Dr. Vonetta Thompson, Attains Prestigious PHRca Certification

Asa Carlton, Inc., proudly announces the achievement of Dr. Vonetta Thompson, DrBA, PHRca, in obtaining the prestigious Professional in Human Resources—California (PHRca) certification.

The PHRca certification is a testament to Dr. Thompson’s commitment to excellence in human resources. This rigorous program covers key areas critical to the HR profession, including Compensation/Wage and Hour; Employment Lifecycle and Employee Relations; Leaves of Absence and Benefits; Health, Safety, and Workers’ Compensation; and Compliance and Risk Management as they pertain to California labor laws.

With 117 employees across the nation, including 40 in California, Asa Carlton recognizes the strategic advantage of having a certified HR professional who is well versed in state-specific regulations.The PHRca certification was recommended by leadership to help the company navigate the intricacies of California employment laws successfully.

“When I was hired at Asa Carlton, we had the majority of our employees in California,” says Dr. Thompson. “There, the laws change throughout the year, so as a company doing business in the state, it was crucial to be on top of these changes.”

With more than 22 years of experience in human resource, Dr. Thompson is well familiar with the shifting dynamics of California laws. The ever-changing legal landscape in the state demands a constant pursuit of knowledge and adaptation to new regulations.

For other HR professionals looking to acquire their PHRca certification, Dr. Thompson shares a word of encouragement: “Just know if you don’t succeed, don’t give up,” says Dr. Thompson. “Always keep trying. Keep pushing yourself. Find different ways to study. Don’t think about how you operate daily as a professional; think about the actual laws that are in place and the specific questions they are asking you.”

Dr. Thompson credits part of her success to a collaboration with Alicia Davis HR Consulting. Focusing on tailored study strategies, virtual meetings, and a comprehensive understanding of minor laws proved instrumental in her ultimate success.

More than an individual victory, Dr. Vonetta Thompson’s achievement of the Professional in Human Resources—California (PHRca) certification is a testament to Asa Carlton’s unwavering commitment to cultivating a workforce that is highly skilled and fully compliant with the intricate regulatory landscape.

As Asa Carlton continues to grow and adapt, Dr. Thompson’s accomplishment serves as a beacon for the entire team, reinforcing the company’s ethos of excellence, continuous learning, and dedication to the highest standards in human resources management. A commitment to fostering a culture of compliance and knowledge resonates throughout the organization, contributing to a workplace where both employees and the company can thrive in tandem.